Ideally, a fine strand of hair from the tail should be used. Remember to collect it from the center near the bone. The strand of hair should be the diameter of a finger and the length of the tail. (Except if missing horse, then contact me...) The hair of the tail grows back from 20 to 30cm per year.

Once the strand of hair has been taken, all you have to do is roll it in a large loop and put it in a freezer type bag with the name of your horse written on it. A standard envelope or type A5 is suitable to send the horsehair, it will then have to be weighed (but the horsehair is a very light material) Be careful not to wash, treat or braid the horsehair before, as this may possibly damage it... The address of the company for sending: MAISON AUSICA, FERME DE VILLERS, RUE PASTEUR 60600 ERQUERY (FRANCE)

The hair is washed several times with soapy water

If you do not know the size of your wrist, it's quite simple: take a yard of a dressmaker or if you do not have one a string. The size of the wrist is taken after the wrist bone, with the meter you easily know your circumference, for the string, once the turn is done, put it on a graduated ruler to know your wrist size. When ordering on the website, you will find a size chart (graduated every centimeter) you can then tell me in the comment section (which is in your shopping cart) if you prefer to wear your bracelet loos or rather adjusted. If you order at an Ausica stand during a fair, your wrist size will be measured by our representatives. For all orders by mail, please indicate the size on a paper slipped into your envelope.

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Délai de livraison de 6 semaines pour les commandes personnalisées. Demandez votre carte cadeau à glisser sous votre sapin.